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Our Policies
Pathway to paradise, the beach

We strive to give the best experience to our clients and we understand that ensuring that requires some hard work. We would like to iterate what we can do to help achieve this goal and protect you as the consumer.  


How we work 

We want to make travelling as affordable and as fun as possible. This is why we decided to create Link&Travel. We want to facilitate your application by laying out the process of how it all works.  


  1. You complete your application and submit it your travel plan.

  2. Book a consultation session with us to discuss your trip.

  3. Once submitted it is registered into our database and you will receive a confirmation email. 

  4. Our team reviews your submission and creates a portfolio 

  5. Our team has 48 hours to contact you. During the process: 

    • An associate will clarify some inconsistencies or get a better scope of what you would like to experience. They will formulate a clear goal and assess for what can be expected. 

    • Set up a due date for the final review and document acquisition.

    • They will initiate the 1st payment from you.

  6. Based on part 4 (ii.), you will pay the final payment at the final review of the document. 

  7. The final document will be sent out 

  8. Use the links provided to book your trip  

  9. You enjoy your trip 😊  


Terms and conditions 

You will find a list of rules that we abide by and your responsibilities as a client: 


  1. All transaction are not actioned by Link&Travel. No one on our team will request passport information, credit card information or personal information such as your personal address. 

  2. All information collected from the form will be kept in Link&Travel database and protected by encryption. 

  3. Link&Travel is not responsible for other companies' policies or transactions.  

  4. The communication team ensures a response to your application within 48 hours.  

  5. The client is responsible for all purchases suggested via the provided consultation document. 

  6. Link&Travel does not process or purchase any components of a client's trip. All purchases are solely done by the client with their chosen method of purchase.  

  7. The full consultation document will only be released to the client after final payment.  

  8. Please note that 2 payments are required: 

    1. The initial payment which is 50% of the overall 7% of the client's budget per traveler for a maximum of 4 travelers. This payment is required in order to start the consultation. 

    2. The final payment which is the other half of the overall 7% of the client's budget per traveler. This payment is required at the end of consultation to receive the document with all included information and links. 

      • Note that all prices indicated here are before taxes.

  9. With full consultation option, Link&Travel suggests 3 options for your stay and flight. unlimited amount of sessions until cut-off date. A tailored trip for activities, restaurants, food preferences, transportation and accessibility preferences. Please note that this is based off your application. 

  10. Please note that the free consultation package offers only 3 flight and stay options. Form application is still required.

  11. Suggested pricing on plans are not definite and subject to change due to independent companies.  

  12. Consultation plans are subject to change due to client's requests. This includes: 

    1. Change in departure date,  

    2. Change in location, 

    3. Change in number of travelers and, 

      • Changes in number of travelers will result in extra charges if higher than 4. 

      • Extra charges are $10CAD per extra traveler.

    4. Change in preferences. 

  13. Other parties have independent pricing and are liable to themselves. Please read all company policies before purchase. 

    1. Prices from 3rd party organizations are subject to change related to multiple factors.  

      • In this circumstance, Link&Travel is able to revaluate the flight and accommodation when the client decides to purchase. This must be done at least one (1) month of expected flight date. 

  14. Cancellation of flights must be dealt with airline companies directly. 

  15. or does require personal login to rent homes/hotels. Please note that the traveler is 100% liable and responsible for the transaction and communication with Airbnb. Purchasers must follow Airbnb protocols and policies. 

  16. Not all options selected on application will be included in trip. Some restrictions may apply based off of a country's cultural differences, laws and regulations.  

  17. Client is free to stray from the trip plans and/or are free to follow them. The client can mix and match between their own plans and what is in the consultation. 

    1. The client may already have accommodation and/or flight purchased on their own circumstances 

    2. Link&Travel is able to include client findings and personal purchases into the plan. 

  18.  Link&Travel process respects the Ontario code of ethics and laws on travel businesses. 

    1. In correlation with TICO guideline: 

      1. Link&Travel company does not provide flight and accommodation services.  

        1. Services include the purchase of flight or accommodation services for the client. 

      2. Link&Travel provides suggestions of flight and accommodation free of charge. 

  19. The client has the right to request a re-evaluation of their plan if they would like to add components from their application. 

    1. Components not initially present in their application can not be added to a re-evaluation.  

    2. Components may only be added after first payment and at the final review process of the consultation.  


Cancellations & Refunds 

Our cancellation policy is necessary to protect both the consumer's interest and employee efforts.  

  1. If the client sends a cancellation request email within 48 hours of application, they will be granted full refund or no charges will take place upon communication from our team.  

    1. To send a cancellation request, please use the contact us page to send us an email of your desire to cancel your consultation. ​

  2. There is a no refund policy after 48 hours upon application.

  3. As Link&Travel insures 2 payments, after 48 hours the 1st non-refundable payment will be processed.  

    • If the client chooses to cancel at any point in the process, the second payment will not be issued.  

    • Once the final non-refundable payment is done, the client will be unable to cancel a request.

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